House Khokar

I have a confession. I spend a lot of my downtime watching Game of Thrones when I’m not on a mission. To my delight, I found a Game of Thrones related assignment in the Visual section of the assignment bank. All I had to do was visit JoinTheRealm and stylize my own personal house banner. I decided to choose house Khokar because I couldn’t resist. After tinkering with the colors for a while, I found a combination I liked. There were several different patterns as well. I like the checkerboard style aesthetic, so I decided to go with that. I also tried to upload my own icon, but it didn’t look good with the texture of the background. The options that were offered were plentiful enough, and I really like the end result. Unfortunately, the button that generates the photo was out of commission (those darn Russians!!). So, after some research, I decided to use the Grabber tool (you can find that under utilities in the application folder if you use a Mac). It let me take a full size screenshot of just a portion of my screen using “Command + Shift + 3.” I was surprised at how good the resolution turned out for such a zoomed in screenshot. This was a relatively quick assignment which tied in to a show I enjoy, and I really liked the concept. I hope many of you try it out.

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