Lessons in Spycraft: Encrypted Message

One of the first things I learned in Secret Agent School was how to send encrypted messages. For this mission, I incorporated a simple, encrypted message into a photograph. I used this typographic tool, and I spent about an hour tinkering with all of the different styles. You can use different font styles and drawing styles to draw your pictures using only text. The original picture was a man in the air doing a kick:


The tool converted that pictures into this:


So, after I converted the picture into all text, I needed to include an encrypted message. I used the preview tool on my Mac to include red text, so it didn’t get lost in the midst of all the text. My encryption method was simple: I converted each letter of the original message into the next letter of the alphabet. My original message was, “LOVE CONQUERS.” The encrypted message, as you can see, reads “MPWF DPORVFST.”


I know, not very subtle – but encryption isn’t just about hiding a message. It’s about slowing the enemy down before they can use the information. They’ll find the message eventually, but the encryption methods will keep on changing before they can use it to their benefit. The only person who will be able to encrypt the message immediately is the person you intend the message for in the first place.

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