Response to “10 Ways to Share Your Creativity and Get Discovered: Lessons from my book ‘Show Your Work!’”

I really like the overall message of Austin Kleon’s post, “10 Ways to Share Your Creativity and Get Discovered: Lessons from my book ‘Show Your Work!‘”. It’s important to put yourself out there to develop your own voice. There were three points that resonated most with me:

1 .   Share something small each day 

This point stuck out to me from the article, because I think too many people get caught up in trying to find the perfect project or creative endeavor. I admire people who can come up with ambitious creative projects and follow through consistently. For me, starting small always works best. The consistency of regularly blogging will help me stay on track. The best part is that being able to share something small each day inevitably makes it easier when you do take on a bigger project.

2.   Teach what you know

As someone who’s interested in education technology, I think this point just clicks in my brain. Technology can be used in so many amazing ways to help people learn more effectively. Not only does teaching what you just learned reinforce that material for you, but it also gives others an idea of some of the barriers in the learning process for that particular topic. I regularly use tutorial videos and blogs to learn about web development. I also prefer to teach people through screencasts for anything computer related.

3.   Stick around. 

This is perhaps the most inspiring point for me. I’ve seen people land their dream jobs through sheer resilience and willingness to put themselves out there creatively. I’ve seen bloggers and youtube personalities grow their communities largely because they just kept at it, even when there were only a few subscribers or viewers for years. I plan to continue to use what I learn from this class to show off my creative side.

I hope to see myself exhibit some of the inspiring advice in the article, and I’m excited to see how other students inspire me as well.



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