Spies Need Nostalgia Too

It’s easy to dehumanize secret agents. Are we pathological liars? Yeah. Are we obsessive? Sure. But we’re all just human beings (until singularity). One of my favorite past times is listening to music, especially when I’m filling out a mission satisfaction survey or mission information file. They tend to be tedious and boring, so I intentionally listen to songs that illicit some sort of emotion (not easy to do for a spy). Today, I decided to choose three songs that made me feel nostalgic, and share them:

  1. Speed of Sound by Coldplay : This song brings with it many memories. When everyone else was into Clocks, for some reason this song stuck with me even more. I used to listen to this it while reading Eragon, which was one of my favorite experiences with a book. I loved the line: “How long am I gonna stand with my head stuck under the sand?” because I was at a foundation building time in my life.
  2. Iris by the Goo Goo Dolls: Again, this song was tied to one of my favorite book reading experiences. It seems that low tempo, alternative rock was perfect for me when I read books. My favorite line is at the very beginning: “You’re the closest to heaven that I’ll ever be and I don’t want to go home right now.” I’m guessing the book I was reading had a budding romance somewhere in it.
  3. All-Star by Smash Mouth: This song reminds me of elementary school. It seemed like every kid in my class was singing the catchy lyrics. The upbeat tempo of the song made it fun to dance to, and we listened to it before soccer games often. Although at the time, neither me nor any of my friends really wondered what the lyrics were about.

Well there you have it. I’m just happy to be finishing up all the paperwork (nobody even knows why we have to fill these things out after every mission…), but it was nice to reminisce on some wonderful memories. It just goes to show, spies love nostalgia, too !


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  1. I fully agree with your opinion on Speed of Sound over Clocks. But more importantly the agent paperwork there is always so much to do. Always got to get it right too or who knows what will happen.

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