Turbo Mission

Faster. I always need to go faster. Sometimes I see people and I just think they’re moving like snails. It doesn’t matter what I’m doing. Running, watching, processing, improvising – whatever it is, I like moving quickly. Unfortunately, for my ears, that applies to my music as well. This is “Born a Champion” by David Travis Edwards. Well, this is how I hear it at least:

For some reason, I also see cats all the time. It’s been that way ever since mission 32. Don’t ask. It took painstakingly long to edit this audio file so that I could give you an idea of how I hear sound. First, I had to download Audacity and read some documentation. Then, the Russians chased me for a few hours. Finally, I was able to escape and access my computer remotely through a secret agent thing-a-mabob. I imported my audio file from a flash drive, and then I was able to change the tempo through the effects tab at the top of the screen. When I went to upload the file to SoundCloud, I quickly realized the Russians had used all of my available upload memory. So, I had to improvise. I decided to upload the audio file to YouTube. Since it didn’t have an image attached to it, I couldn’t upload it there either. The Russians are always one step ahead of me.

Finally, I used iMovie to import the audio file along with a picture of my cats, Tipper and Topper. Eureka! I was able to consolidate the media and upload directly to YouTube from iMovie. Even though the process went a lot more slowly than I would have hoped, I learned a lot.

  1. Never mess with the Russians.
  2. iMovie is amazing. 
  3. Audacity has way too many options. 

After all of this, I feel comfortable using some of the basic settings on Audacity. The fact that it’s open-source and has so much customizability is a feat. I hope to get more experience with Audacity in the future, and I’m sure I will.


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