Week 1 Summary

I learned quite a bit during these first few assignments. I have no experience with Domain of One’s Own, so I was pleasantly surprised to find out that UMW students get a domain hosting service. I want to eventually use the domain as a personal website with a portfolio and a separate blog, so I used my name as the title. I created a subdomain for the WordPress plugin, ds106.ahmedkhokar.com.

The process was relatively smooth, but I’m still trying to figure out how I can link to the blog from the main domain, ahmedkhokar.com. Once I set up the subdomain and wordpress, I fiddled around with different themes and styles on the website for a few hours. Many of the themes are pretty cool, but I want more customizability so I may end up changing many of the CSS settings.

Of course, I had to use a picture of my cats as the header image. After I was done, I started on the introduction post. I already used twitter and youtube, so I just had to register for a flickr and soundcloud account. Coincidentally, I found an old podcast I had recorded with some friends and realized I had a soundcloud account as well.  The first order of business was to record an introduction video to put on YouTube. I found that using iMovie and the webcam on my macbook was the smoothest way for me to directly record and publish the video on YouTube. Then I sent out a tweet to the class using the #ds106 hashtag. I uploaded some images to Flickr from my computer, and I chose some of my favorite songs to share with the class on SoundCloud.

It was really cool to be able to just embed things directly into WordPress using links. It makes a big difference if the content is embedded, and it really adds visually pleasing aspects to any blog post. You can check out my introduction post here, but these are a few examples:


Even with the knowledge that I gained from the first post, I felt like I could envision a creative, interesting blog in my head. Technology has come a long way since I started my first blog seven years ago.

After the first post was completed, I read through Austin Kleon’s post “10 Ways to Share Your Creativity and Get Discovered: Lessons from my book ‘Show Your Work!’”. I liked the message, and I reflected on it for an hour before I began the post. I decided to choose three of the points that resonated most with me and share them in my reaction post.

Finally, I formulated my thoughts on the “Secret Agent” theme. I think in many ways the genre perpetuates misogynistic ideas, but that’s based mainly on old James Bond movies. I love the costume style and music typically associated with spy movies, and I see a lot of possibilities moving forward in the class. You can find my full thoughts here.

The most frustrating aspect of the first week’s assignments was getting started. It seemed overwhelming at first, but when I slowed down and took it one step at a time – it didn’t seem out of reach. My favorite part was actually writing this summary post. When I reflected on how much I learned in the short period of time I’ve been a part of the class, it got me excited about how much more I’m going to learn throughout the course.

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