Speed is Key

For this mission, we got some practice thinking on our feet. While there are several elements to think about when taking artful pictures, secret agents don’t always have time to set up the perfect shot. So, to practice incorporating these elements quickly we did a photo blitz. Using this¬†nifty website, I generated a list of […]

Office Prank Gone Wrong

https://www.flickr.com/photos/147777523@N06/32825341745/in/dateposted-public/ Day 3: Just when I thought things couldn’t get worse… So, this is my third day at the agency, and I’ve already gotten pranked. Bob told me that we had a professional development meeting on Saturdays. Turns out I made the hour long commute to the office for nothing, because it was empty. I […]

Home to Many

For this assignment, I decided to look around the house for shadows that resembled familiar objects and relate the shadow objects to the original objects. I found some more visually complex combinations throughout the house including a curtain whose shadow looked like a giant cactus plant and a Santa figurine whose shadow looked like a […]