Character Spotlight: Agent Bongo


The primary inspiration for Agent Bongo was not necessarily one specific character, but Archer as a whole series. I also drew from one of my favorite shows, The Office. I wanted to incorporate elements of a human resources department into the background of the character. It wouldn’t be too difficult to illustrate how those might be annoying to a secret agent. I took it a step further by making him a double agent, so that he’s actually making fun of most aspects of the role he’s given at the agency. I wanted the dossier to come across as a stereotypical PR person, particularly the motto. Visually, I didn’t necessarily want the character to stand out. I wanted him to seem like a run of the mill office worker with a hidden agenda. Oh, the irony of Agent Bongo – stuck in the past – doing everything to sabotage the cutting-edge agency with a PR department.

When introducing the character, my first thought was that I could include parts of the hiring process into a blog post. An interview seemed like the perfect medium to illustrate how unpredictable hiring can be. So I decided to roll with the craziness of an agency of that nature going for a PR guy. I would really like to continue to explore diary posts from Agent Bongo, and potentially tie that into my own persona on the blog. It would provide two separate perspectives and an antagonist.


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